Microscope Master Classes

Do you want to look deeply inside the nature of which we are a part? How does the world look like in a micro details? Why do we need our hand to be washed before meals?

Our company offers the opportunity to touch the world around us, invisible in everyday life. Microscopy and microbiology are fascinating, educational and useful even for the smallest.Moreover, you can forget about formulas, scientific terms and extra difficult formulas.

Masters classes last for 1.5-2 hours for kids and youngers. These service includes an expert with all the necessary tools and equipment. A micro-chemicals and two laboratory microscopes are being provided. Classes could be provided in customers area. In case your organization into an educational institute we can offer a staff learning program referenced to microscope using skills.

All the consumer’s requirements and desires will be followed. For instance, to reflect the image an optical ocular could be replaced to a digital camera transferring image to a large screen.

Costability of the service from 6000 rub.


Single celled organism

Onion’s epidermis

Cross-section of a pumpkin stalk



Cat hair