Rental microscopes service with a high-qualified expert

We’re able to offer a wide range overview of customer’s objects via microscope with a further broadcasting it to a cellphone screen. Objects could be various, starting health-care products and ending different tools manufactured from qualified alloys.

This material will interest you with its structure, composition and will become a beautiful and fascinating addition to your presentation.

We will help you to hold corporate events and online streams (live commerce) with the broadcast of product elements on the LCD screen in the studio/ audience, or directly to the viewer’s smartphone. You could also order an expert who’s responsible to analyze any object during event or while online being run (live commerce). This service includes an expert with all the demanded equipment (stereomicroscope, a special camera and etc). All the measurements and requirements will be followed. starting from 3500 rub

Toothpaste, 10x lens
Toothpaste, 40x lens
Toothpaste, 100x lens, crystal size 0.05 mm