Construction of personal astronomical observatories

Construction of personal astronomical observatories (negotiable)

We are handle the development of projects, manufacturing and commissioning of astronomical observatories.

The construction of a modern automated astronomical complex for observations will allow you to have personal access to Space from anywhere in the world. If the weather is clear at the observatory’s location, you can deploy it in minutes, and immediately take pictures of the night sky.

Usually, preparing for observations and shooting deep sky objects implies a long trip outside the city to the dark sky without light pollution, and assembling and disassembling the necessary equipment on-site requires a lot of free time and effort. It is difficult to predict how real weather conditions will behave on the spot. There are few real clear astronomical nights in most of the Russian Federation. The presence of a cloudless sky, as well as the purity and turbulence of the atmosphere, mostly leave much to be desired. Without having time to “walk” through the planned celestial points, you have to wait for the weather to clear up, or even come back with nothing. In this regard, a personal observatory is the dream of every astronomy lover, solving many problems.

Selection or manufacture of a high-quality telescope, design – manufacture of metal parts and structures, sliding dome or roof, development of software and necessary hardware for automation of processes, weather stations for weather monitoring, IP cameras for visual situation controling, solving issues with ventilation and cooling of cameras, data storage and transmission, ensuring uninterrupted supply of electricity and operability of the complex and other necessary solutions. Using its many years of experience, at any stage of the creation of the Observatory, Astronomico offers the best solutions for your needs and the desired budget.

We work all over the world, you can consider the option of basing the observatory not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. When selecting a country, it is necessary to take into account not only the astroclimate, but also the nuances associated with land ownership.