Binoculars alignment and maintenance

Binoculars alignment and maintenance (starting from 1500 rub)

The alignment of binoculars is quite time-consuming and requires perfect parallelism of the optical elements to the axis.

If you experience double vision and eye fatigue, your binoculars are misaligned.

Allowable adjustments can be made by aligning images with distant objects (roofs, signboards, etc.). This method may have uncertainties and inaccuracies and will depend on the characteristics of human vision. The most accurate method will be using a distant light source – a star or lantern at a distance of at least one kilometer, the method of “exit” pupils, or using an optical bench). The convergence is done by changing the position of the lenses or by turning the alignment screws in the prism block, depending on the optical scheme. You should also make sure that the screws or lenses are fastened so as to maintain the achieved results and to protect the binoculars against subsequent misalignment during transportation.

Binoculars maintenance

Together with adjustment our craftsmen carry out removal of backlashes in structural elements, bridges and focusing units for comfortable running, clean prisms and lenses from foreign elements, align rangefinder reticles and perform all required works. Much depends on the operating time. We are experienced in working with binoculars collectors and have an individual approach to each apparatus. An important point when working with binoculars of this class is to get to the optical elements, preserving their appearance in the adopted form, since they have often not been serviced since manufacture. In case of possible changes in appearance due to impossibility of access to optical scheme elements, we warn the customer in advance. In some cases, there is a possibility of refusal of collimation and maintenance of the device. If you do not have enough experience, there is a high probability of making the device inoperable. Cutting the threads or damaging the running parts will only increase the cost of repair and make it unreasonable.

We have extensive experience with Carl Zeiss, Leika, Swarovski, Fujinon, Vixen, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, KOMZ, ZOMZ, LZOS, PNB, TPB, TZK, Levenhuk, Celestron, Bresser, Yukon and many other binoculars.

Maintenance of telescopes, microscopes and other optics.

We meet a quality of world high-requried standarts and performing the procedures of ours (ex. telescopes and microscopes maintenance) on a highest level. Estimation and charge-free diagnostics is being provided.