Cognitive astronomy lectures for adults and children

Practical Astronomy

Informative lectures on astronomy for adults and children (duration 40 min – 1,5 hour) from 5000 rubles

We hold general lectures on practical Astronomy for you. We also tell you about the science of Astronomy and its main tasks, about the Sun and the planets of the solar system; about how our celestial body is arranged and what processes take place on it;

The Moon and its influence on tides, the daily rotation of the Earth around its axis; why day and night and the seasons change. About the structure of the cosmos, the location of stars and constellations, the major planets of the solar system, and galaxies.

Lectures are held with the use of special equipment. Lectures are possible for both children and adults. All lecture materials are adapted for the respective audience. Duration from 40 minutes to an hour and a half.