Telescope alignment- Moscow region, Russian Federation, CIS


Telescope alignment- Moscow region, Russian Federation, CIS (starting from 6000 rub)

Most of the time average amateur astronomers are being mistaken about their first time to a telescope. Plenty of issues and difficulties are being proceeded, like: focus issues (nebulous picture or the inability of finding objects); the “no image” issues; installation and adjustment issues. All these mistakes could be easily sorted out in a shortest time by visiting you a high-qualified and well-experienced expert of ours.

You can be easily educated in terms of using any type of telescopes afforded on a telescope market (solar telescopes, reflectors, refractors or mirror-lens telescopes).

We’re able to improve any technical issues onsite if it necessary.

You could also be given a manual about telescope handling.

We could help to choose an appropriate parts for your equipment with an opportunity of sharing its qualification level from lowest to highest. We could manage a services of motorization, orthoscopic eyepieces and wide-angled eyepieces for deep sky objects, visual observation and spectral filters selection; astrocameras estimation and selection via objective’s diameter with a pixel of heaven living objects.

In fact, the experts of Astronomico were the first inventors and spreaders of the theory of amateur Astronomy. Also, Astronomico company takes the host in the market of services for education and alignment optical equipment.

Astronomico company is a trendsetter in the market for training and alignment optical equipment, specialists were the first developed the theory of popularization of amateur Astronomy within the provision of services. We love what we do, we have been working successfully for a long time.